Best Tools For Automated Checking

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A sensible GraphQL testing tool to test your GraphQL schema locally and in the cloud.

Appium wait plugin

Appium plugin designed to wait for element to be present.


API-first testing framework focusing only on testing Node.js (backend) applications

Puppeteer Replay

Library that provides an API to replay and stringify recordings created using Chrome DevTools Recorder


No WebDriver required. No manual timeouts needed. Cross-browser testing out-of-the-box.

Jest Image Snapshot

Jest matcher for image comparisons. Most commonly used for visual regression testing.


Puppeteer to Playwright conversion script


Property-based testing for Scala

MS Teams Test Reporter

Publishes test results to Microsoft Teams & Slack


Python framework for end-to-end / QA testing


PIT is a state of the art mutation testing system, providing gold standard test coverage for Java and the jvm.

CLI Testing Library

🐨 Simple and complete CLI testing utilities that encourage good testing practices.