Best Tools For Automated Checking

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Galen Framework

Layout and functional testing framework for websites.


Light weight cross-platform test automation


The test framework for Powershell

Stryker Mutator

Test your tests with mutation testing.


Perform visual testing with record and play Brimstone pixel-perfect webpage automation tests.

Serverless Testing Toolkit

A set of components that leverage the AWS CDK to make testing of serverless constructs in the cloud straightforward.


Healenium improves stability of Selenium-based test cases, handling changes of updated web elements.


Open-source On-device debugger for Android applications

Cypress Example Recipes

Various recipes for testing common scenarios with Cypress

TestCase Studio

It’s a browser extension that records the user actions performed on a web application in English Sentences.

Headless Recorder

Chrome extension that records your browser interactions and generates a Playwright or Puppeteer script.

Fluent Assertions

A .NET library for Basic Assertions