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What is Keploy?

Keploy is developer and tester-centric API testing tool that creates tests along with built-in-mocks, faster than unit tests. Keploy not only records API calls, but also records database calls and replays them during testing, making it easy to use, powerful, and extensible.

🧪 For Example,

Consider an application server serving HTTP APIs for clients like web/mobile apps, postman, or curl, and depending on a database and another API.

  • Record Mode: Keploy injects 'eBPF' hooks to capture incoming HTTP traffic and redirects outgoing TCP/UDP traffic to its proxy server. The proxy server captures packets asynchronously and saves them in YAML files.
  • Test Mode: Keploy reads the YAML files for test cases and stubs/mocks. It starts the application, sends recorded HTTP test cases, and mocks responses for outgoing calls. This ensures no side effects due to non-idempotency.

Core Features: 🛠

  • ♻️ Combined Test Coverage: Merge your Keploy Tests with your fave testing libraries(JUnit, go-test, py-test, jest) to see a combined test coverage.
  • 🤖 EBPF Instrumentation: Keploy uses EBPF like a secret sauce to make integration code-less, language-agnostic, and oh-so-lightweight.
  • 🌐 CI/CD Integration: Run tests with mocks anywhere you like—locally on the CLI, in your CI pipeline (Jenkins, Github Actions..) , or even across a Kubernetes cluster.
  • 📽️ Record-Replay Complex Flows: Keploy can record and replay complex, distributed API flows as mocks and stubs. It's like having a time machine for your tests—saving you tons of time!
  • 🎭 Multi-Purpose Mocks: You can also use keploy Mocks, as server Tests!

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