What is scrcpy?

Scrcpy is an open source application that allows you to display and control Android devices connected via USB or over a TCP/IP connection.

It does not require any root access. It works on GNU/Linux, Windows and macOS.

Key Features:

  • Low Latency: Scrcpy provides a low-latency screen mirroring experience. This means that the actions performed on the computer are reflected on the Android device almost in real-time, creating a responsive and smooth user interaction.
  • High-Quality Display: The application offers a high-quality display of the Android device screen on the computer. This ensures that the mirrored screen is clear and detailed, making it suitable for various use cases, including presentations, demos, and app development.
  • Cross-Platform Support: Scrcpy is designed to work on multiple operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux. This cross-platform compatibility makes it accessible to a wide range of users, regardless of their preferred operating system.
  • USB and Wireless Connection: Scrcpy supports both USB and wireless connections between the computer and the Android device. This flexibility allows users to choose the connection method that best suits their needs and preferences.
  • Control Android Device from Computer: Scrcpy not only mirrors the Android device's screen but also enables users to control the device directly from the computer using the mouse and keyboard. This feature is particularly useful for presentations, app testing, and debugging.
  • No App Installation on Android: Scrcpy doesn't require any app installation on the Android device. It uses the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) to establish a connection, eliminating the need for additional software on the device itself.
  • Resizable Window: Users can resize the window displaying the Android device screen to fit their preferences. This customization feature enhances the user experience by allowing them to adjust the size of the mirrored screen based on their specific requirements.
  • Clipboard Integration: Scrcpy supports clipboard integration, allowing users to copy and paste text between the computer and the Android device. This feature streamlines the workflow when working with text-based content.
  • Screen Recording: Scrcpy allows users to record the screen of the connected Android device directly from the computer. This is useful for creating tutorials, capturing gameplay, or documenting any activities on the Android device.
  • Open Source: Scrcpy is an open source project, meaning that its source code is freely available for inspection, modification, and contribution by the community. This openness encourages collaboration and ensures transparency in the development process.

Scrcpy's combination of low latency, high-quality display, cross-platform support, and various control options makes it a popular choice for Android screen mirroring and control from a computer.

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