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What is The Unit Testing Diet App?

How do you unit test an MVVM app at scale without slowing your ability to refactor?

The Unit Testing Diet App is a sample Android chat application demonstrating how to follow Behavior-Driven Development (BDD), by writing unit tests that test the behavior and not the implementation.

Unit Testing Diet provides a healthy way to test and refactor an app at scale, by testing the behavior on the ViewModel layer and not the internal implementation, using the real objects for the inner layers and not mocks.

The tests are written in the Given-When-Then style and they cover the ViewModel, UseCase, and Repository layers, without using mocks.

For a comprehensive guide on how to follow this methodology, please refer to the 'Unit Testing Diet' blog post -> https://proandroiddev.com/the-unit-testing-diet-1607aac5f434

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