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TestDevTools is the curated collection of tools & resources for people who test sofoware. Follow on Twitter for a fresh link daily or browse the site to discover the growing collection.

I hope this project can help other fellow testers and developers who are looking for some resources / tools for testing.

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Hi, I'm Pritesh

Hi, I'm Pritesh 👋. I’ve been testing software professionally for around 6+ years. Nowadays I mainly work with stuff related to Performance Engineering 🕙 . I also enjoy doing Web Development during my spare time.

I'm currently working at as a Tech Lead at Infostretch mainly focused on Quality Engineering services where i build Performance Test scripts and test Performance of application on various environments with use of tools like Jmeter , Taurus , Gatling etc

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Want to talk? Feel free to DM me on Twitter -@priteshusadadiya or email priteshonweb at gmail dot com