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A CLI tool that helps you avoid undefined user behaviour by validating your API specifications.

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What is Cherrybomb?

Cherrybomb is a robust tool that enhances API developmentand testing by reading and validating Open API Specification (OAS) files.

It goes beyond best practices, conducting tests for adherence and identifying vulnerabilities with detailed, actionable feedback.

It not only ensures adherence to OAS and best practices but also conducts thorough tests to identify common vulnerabilities. The detailed output, presented in a structured table, provides precise information on any issues found, streamlining the debugging process and enabling swift resolution.

How does Cherrybomb work:

Cherrybomb reads your API spec file (Open API Specification) and validates it for best practices and the OAS specification, then it tests to verify that the API follows the OAS file and tests for common vulnerabilities.

The output is a detailed table with any issues found, guiding you to the exact problem and location to help you solve it quickly.

How does Cherrybomb contribute to API development, and what sets it apart in terms of validation and testing?

Cherrybomb is a standout tool for API development, reading and validating Open API Specification files. It not only ensures best practices but also conducts comprehensive tests, identifying common vulnerabilities. The output, presented in a detailed table, guides developers to exact issues and locations, expediting the resolution process.

Cherrybomb sets itself apart with its thorough validation, testing, and actionable feedback, making it an invaluable asset for API developers.

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