Mobile FIRST

Pricing type: Free
Smartphone and tablet simulator to test your mobile site on various devices.
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Mobile FIRST is a Chrome extension that offers a smartphone and tablet simulator to test your mobile site on various devices. You can use it for Smartphones and tablets simulator on computer very realistic with several devices and resolutions to test your mobile site. There are 52 devices available for responsive tests including 16 models of recent and older Android & Google smartphones, 23 models of recent and older Apple smartphones, 5 models of tablets And 8 special devices such as the Apple Watch, a Self Service Kiosk or a Macbook Key features: 🎬 Create screencasts in GIF format very easily. 📸 It is also possible to take a screenshot of the smartphone in transparent PNG to insert it in an email, presentation slides, etc. 🌚 Night mode available (see screenshots) Note: Some devices are only available in the premium version and a non intrusive advertisement is displayed in the free version. This ad can be hidden in the premium version

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