An LLM playground you can run on your laptop.

Pricing: Free
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What is openplayground?


• Use any model from OpenAI, Anthropic, Cohere, Forefront, HuggingFace, Aleph Alpha, Replicate, Banana and llama.cpp. • Full playground UI, including history, parameter tuning, keyboard shortcuts, and logprops. • Compare models side-by-side with the same prompt, individually tune model parameters, and retry with different parameters. • Automatically detects local models in your HuggingFace cache, and lets you install new ones. • Works OK on your phone.

More tools in Automated Checking

Jest OpenTelemetry logo

Jest OpenTelemetry

Automated Checking

Write, build and run integration tests based on OpenTelemetry traces with Jest-like syntax.

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Automated Checking

Pythagora creates automated tests for you by analysing server activity

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Jest- VS Code

Automated Checking

This extension supports full jest features in vscode environment to make testing more intuitive and fun.