A handy tool to log attributes and Selenide, Selenium, Cypress, Playwright, Squish and TestCafe locators of the clicked element.


Selenideium Element Inspector is a handy tool with which you can automatically generate complete line of copy-pastable Selenide, Selenium, Cypress, Playwright, TestCafe and Squish locators with a single click for any element. Just copy-past the printed selector straight into your favourite IDE and that's it. Read more at : https://mszeles.com/selenium-javascript-python-c-cypress-testcafe-playwright-squish-selector-generation-has-been-added-to-selenideium-element-inspector-v20

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Hypothesis is a modern implementation of property based testing, designed from the ground up for mainstream languages.


A sensible GraphQL testing tool to test your GraphQL schema locally and in the cloud.

Appium wait plugin

Appium plugin designed to wait for element to be present.