What is taba11y?

Optimize your web page's tab order with taba11y, a Chrome extension that visually displays and calculates the tab order of all elements. Improve user experiences for keyboard-only and screen reader users with this nifty tool.

Tab order is important for a wide range of users, from keyboard-only to screenreader users. By ensuring that the tab order is logical, you can provide a great user experience for as many people as possible.

By calculating and presenting the tab order of all elements, whether through drawing paths or highlighting, taba11y ensures an optimal user experience for keyboard-only and screen reader users.

When you enable taba11y on your webpage, it shows you the current tab order, which helps you verify that the order of focusable elements is correct and comprehensible. This ensures that people going through the web page with the keyboard have a comprehensible reading order.

It becomes particularly handy for Chrome users, filling a gap where Firefox already includes a similar feature in its DevTools panel under the Accessibility tab. ### How does taba11y enhance user experience and accessibility on web pages?

taba11y, a Chrome extension, is a game-changer for web accessibility. By visually displaying and calculating the tab order on a site, it ensures a logical sequence for keyboard-only and screen reader users. For Chrome users, it fills a crucial gap, providing a feature similar to Firefox's built-in accessibility tool in the DevTools panel.

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