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Visualise tab order with ease
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taba11y is a nifty little Chrome extension to display the tab order on a site. It calculates the tab order of all elements on a page and displays tab order visually, either by drawing a path or by highlighting the elements. Tab order is important for a wide range of users, from keyboard-only to screenreader users. By ensuring that the tab order is logical, you can provide a great user experience for as many people as possible. When you enable taba11y on your webpage, it shows you the current tab order, which helps you verify that the order of focusable elements is correct and comprehensible. This ensures that people going through the web page with the keyboard have a comprehensible reading order. Firefox has this feature included out of the box, which can be found unter the “Accessibility” tab in the DevTools panel.But for Chrome users this extension is really useful.

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