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An open source, highly customizable, easy to use, privacy-respecting dashboard app.

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What is Dashy?

Dashy helps you organize your self-hosted services by making them accessible from a single place.

Dashy is an open-source, highly customizable, easy-to-use, privacy-friendly dashboard app to build the perfect dashboard with status checks, keyboard shortcuts, dynamic widgets, and more.

Key Features:

  • 📃 Support for multiple pages
  • đŸšĻ Real-time status monitoring for each of your apps/links
  • 📊 Use widgets to display info and dynamic content from self-hosted services
  • 🔎 Instant search by name, domain, or tags + customizable hotkeys & keyboard shortcuts
  • 🎨 Many built-in color themes, with UI color editor and support for custom CSS
  • 🧸 Many icon options - Font-Awesome, homelab icons, auto-fetching Favicon, images, emojis, etc.
  • 💂 Optional authentication with multi-user access, configurable privileges, and SSO support
  • 🌎 Multi-language support, with 10+ human-translated languages, and more on the way
  • ☁ Optional, encrypted, free off-site cloud backup and restore feature available
  • đŸ’ŧ A workspace view, for easily switching between multiple apps simultaneously
  • 🛩ī¸ A minimal view, for use as a fast-loading browser Startpage
  • 🖱ī¸ Choose app launch methods: new tab, same tab, clipboard, pop-up modal, or open in workspace view
  • 📏 Customizable layout, sizes, text, component visibility, sort order, behavior, etc.
  • đŸ–ŧī¸ Options for a full-screen background image, custom nav-bar links, HTML footer, title, etc.
  • 🚀 Easy to setup with Docker, or on bare metal, or with 1-Click cloud deployment
  • ⚙ī¸ Easy single-file YAML-based configuration, and option to configure app through the UI
  • ✨ Under active development with improvements and new features added regularly
  • 🤏 Small bundle size, fully responsive UI, and PWA for basic offline access
  • 🆓 100% free and open-source
  • 🔐 Strong focus on privacy
  • 🌈 And loads more...

Find Dashy on Github:

Dashy - A self-hostable personal dashboard built for you. Includes status-checking, widgets, themes, icon packs, a UI editor and tons more!

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