111 + Open Source tools and resources

A color contrast checker for modern CSS color formats.

SMTP server & web interface for viewing and testing emails during development.

Resources and materials for learning various cybersecurity concepts and technologies.

Practice Pages For Automating and Testing

Running an adb commands dynamically

Lightweight SQLite editor for Windows

View JSON in a browser, with syntax highlighting, collapsible arrays and objects, and nice readable formatting.


A mutation testing tool for Python 3.3+ source code

Test your tests with mutation testing.


State of the art mutation testing system, providing gold standard test coverage for Java and the jvm.

Automatically detect accessibility issues in web pages using AI

A curated list of snippets to get Web Performance metrics.

An email and SMTP testing tool with API for developers and automated integration testing.


An online tool to test responsive layouts that lets you view multiple device sizes simultaneously, just enter a URL to test.

Kanboard is a free and open source Kanban project management software


An offline documentation browser for software developers and testers.

A user-friendly network monitoring tool, built with Rust, to help you easily keep track of your Internet traffic.

JSON CrackFree with Paid Option

Seamlessly visualize your JSON, XML, TOML, YAML, CSV instantly into graphs!


A tool to help testers test by supporting the entire process of exploratory testing, from gathering evidence to generating test reports.

Use Faker.js UI to easiliy generate fake (but realistic) data for testing and development using Faker.js.

Scan your entire site with Google Lighthouse in 2 minutes (on average).

A Java library for processing media data. Supported media formats include still images, video, audio and meta-data.

Measure the performance of any Android app 🔦

Offline-first web HTTP client

Snapshot-based stub/mocking of APIs.

Web CSV Generator is a web-based random CSV data generator written in JavaScript. It allows to generate CSV files.

MockoonFree with Paid Plan

Create mock APIs in seconds

Mock API by intercepting requests on the network level. Seamlessly reuse the same mock definition for testing, development, and debugging.

Solutions to 80% of your daily git challenges


Browser templates for Browser In The Browser (BITB) attack.

Node.js mock server running live, interactive mocks in place of real APIs

Lint an npm or Yarn lockfile to analyze and detect security issues via predefined security policies.

WebPageTestFree with Paid Tire

A web performance tool providing deep diagnostic information about how a page performs under a variety of conditions.

Data Table Editor & Generator


Generate massive amounts of fake data in the browser and node.js

An on-path blackbox network traffic security testing tool


Automate web applications security assessments

Aggregated set of useful tools that every developer and tester may need once in a while.


It is a penetration testing tool that focuses on the web browser.

Web Application Security Scanner Framework


Web vulnerability scanner written in Python3

Convert curl commands to Python, JavaScript, PHP and much more...

Curated lists of tools, tips and resources for protecting digital security and privacy

🎨 Regex visualizer & editor