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Observable Integration Testing using OpenTelemetry on top of Jest/Playwright/Cypress.

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What is Echoed?

Echoed is an enhanced API testing solution that uses OpenTelemetry on top of Jest, with YAML support, test troubleshooting, code compatibility, and more.

How Echoed Works:

Echoed starts a local server to gather data through OpenTelemetry when test is started. Throughout the testing process, Echoed captures OpenTelemetry's traces and logs. Once tests finish, Echoed generates an HTML report for the test.

Key Features:

Echoed enhances Integration testing, aka API testing with the following features:

  • Effortless Test Troubleshooting: Quickly identify issues in failed tests by visualizing OpenTelemetry's traces and logs.
  • YAML Supported: Write tests effortlessly using YAML and easily expand functionality through your plugins.
  • Coverage Analysis: Gain insights into the coverage of your API endpoints based on OpenAPI or Protocol Buffers specifications.
  • Detect Propagation Leaks: Uncover spans that don't propagate OpenTelemetry's context to their children.
  • Validate Spans: Validate span's fields, such as SQL or requests going outside.
  • CI-Friendly: Integrates with CI without relying on external services.
  • IDE Debugging: Debug your tests in your preferred IDE, leveraging TypeScript/JavaScript's built-in debugging capabilities.
  • Code Compatibility: No need to modify your existing tests.
  • Parallel Execution: Boost by executing tests in parallel.

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