What is EventKT?

EventKT is an Android tracking library that efficiently group events and implements disk caching to safeguard against crashes, providing insightful analytics for app performance and user behaviour.

With EventKT you can easily keep track of what users are doing in your app and send that info to your server. It's designed to give you really useful insights about how users engage with your app, how well your product is doing, and how it affects your business.

In the world of EventKT, an event is just any action or thing users do in your app. It could be clicking a button, filling out a form, or anything that shows users are interested.

EventKT keeps a close eye on these actions, helping you understand patterns, see how users move through your app, and figure out important business stuff. It's like having a complete picture of how well your product is performing.

Why use EventKT?

  • Efficient Event Tracking - EventKT operates on the principle of optimizing event tracking by grouping events. Rather than making individual API calls for each event, the library groups a set of events and initiates a single API call at specified intervals.
  • Customization - EventKT is highly customizable like grouping intervals, defining custom event thresholds, or configuring network-related settings.
  • Event Caching Mechanism - Ensuring the reliability of your data, EventKT incorporates a two-tier caching mechanism. Events are cached both in memory and on disk, providing resilience in scenarios such as app crashes or forceful terminations. With EventKT, you can rest assured that your valuable event data is never lost.
  • Fully Kotlin and User-Friendly - Completely built in Kotlin, EventKT leverages the expressive and concise syntax of the language. EventKT is designed with simplicity in mind. Its user-friendly interface ensures that integrating analytics into your app is a straightforward process.
  • Integration with Third-Party Trackers - EventKT extends its functionality through easy integration with third-party analytics trackers. This allows you to use both in-house analytics and other popular trackers simultaneously, providing a complete view of your app's performance.
  • Networking Flexibility - EventKT provides the option for clients to opt out of automatic networking. Instead, clients can choose to receive a group of events at their preferred intervals and handle the network calls independently.

With its focus on efficiency, flexibility, and seamless integration, EventKT stands as a versatile and powerful analytics solution for Android developers.

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