Faker.js UI

Pricing type: Free
Use Faker.js UI to easiliy generate fake (but realistic) data for testing and development using Faker.js.
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Faker.js UI is a simple and intuitive UI application for the JS library Faker.js which generates realistic-like fake data for testing and database schema development. Faker.js UI brings those powerful features to the frontend so that users can also use it without installing Faker.js. Features: One-click fake data generation - Faker.js UI include all of Faker.js' API and you can generate from each method by just clicking the item. The generate data is automatically copied to the clipboard. Automatic form filling - Faker.js UI also supports automatic form filling. If a given field matches any method form the Faker.js API, it will be automatically given a value. WEB: https://fakerjsui.com Chrome Extenstion: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/fakerjs-ui/onahjokmphbfmdihclgeehajfnpkpaja

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