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Python framework for end-to-end / QA testing

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What is lemoncheesecake?

Elevate your Python testing with Lemoncheesecake—an end-to-end test framework.

Gain confidence in test results by being explicit with logging, matchers, and file attachments. Enjoy advanced hierarchies, metadata, diverse reporting, BDD support, and a feature-rich CLI toolbox.

Its rich set of tools, including support for BDD with Behave, test parallelization, and a diverse CLI toolbox, makes it a comprehensive solution for ensuring robust and trustworthy test outcomes.

Key Features:

  • Advanced test hierarchies using suites, tests and nested suites
  • Test description and metadata: tags, properties (key=value associations) and links
  • Support for test filtering
  • Multiple reporting flavors built-in: HTML, JSON, XML, JUnit, ReportPortal, Slack notifications
  • BDD support using behave
  • Test parallelization
  • Rich CLI toolbox

How does Lemoncheesecake enhance Python testing and ensure trustworthy test results?

Lemoncheesecake is a comprehensive Python test framework that promotes confidence in results. Test developers can be explicit with logging, matchers, and file attachments. With features like advanced hierarchies, rich metadata, multiple reporting options, BDD support, test parallelization, and a versatile CLI toolbox, Lemoncheesecake ensures precise test descriptions and trustworthy outcomes, making it an invaluable asset for Python testing.

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