Postman Contract Test Generator

Dynamic Test Generation with Open API Spec 3.0 and Postman

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What is Postman Contract Test Generator?

Postman Contract Test Generator is a Postman collection and environment that will take an Open API Spec, validate component adherence, generate contract tests, and execute them.

When building APIs, a common need is to validate the shape of the requests and responses. You want to verify the implementation of the API matches the definition document. This is typically done through contract tests, which exercise required fields, optional fields, and things like query and path parameters.

Postman has the ability to group requests together and associate them to your API as a contract test. The intention of this feature is to build a collection manually to add coverage to your API.

Objective: To build an automated way to provide an exhaustive set of tests providing close to 100% coverage for contract tests. The contract test generator should not need to be maintained, it should be able to dynamically create all tests with every run based on the Open API Specification (OAS) document defining the API.

The generator tests the implementation of a given API -- not the definition. It should use the definition document as a ruleset and compare the responses of the generated requests to it.

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