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An CLI assistant that responds by generating and auto-executing a Python script.

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What is Rawdog?

Rawdog (Recursive Augmentation With Deterministic Output Generations) is a novel alternative to RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation). Rawdog can self-select context by running scripts to print things, adding the output to the conversation, and then calling itself again.

You'll be surprised how useful this can be:

  • How many folders in my home directory are git repos? ... Plot them by disk size.
  • Give me the pd.describe() for all the csv's in this directory
  • What ports are currently active? ... What are the Google ones? ... Cancel those please.

This works for tasks like:

  • 'Setup the repo per the instructions in the README'
  • 'Look at all these csv's and tell me if they can be merged or not, and why.'
  • 'Try that again.'

Please proceed with caution. This obviously has the potential to cause harm if so instructed.

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