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A GitHub Action that immediately closes and locks issues and pull requests.

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What is Repo Lockdown?

Repo Lockdown is a GitHub Action that immediately closes and locks issues and pull requests on a repo, useful when you don't want to archive a repo but want to limit outside requests.

It is mainly used with repositories that do not accept issues or pull requests, such as forks and mirrors.

Key Features:

  • Access Control: Repo Lockdown enables administrators to control access to their repositories by setting up rules for branch protection, pull request reviews, and code signing. This ensures that only authorized users or teams can make changes to the repository.
  • Automated Workflows: The action provides automated workflows to enforce security policies and best practices within repositories. This includes automated checks for code quality, vulnerability scanning, and compliance with coding standards.
  • Branch Protection: Repo Lockdown allows administrators to enforce branch protection rules, such as requiring status checks before merging, restricting force pushes, and requiring pull request reviews from specific users or teams.
  • Security Policies: The action facilitates the implementation of security policies, including requiring signed commits, enforcing branch naming conventions, and scanning code for potential security vulnerabilities using integrated security tools.
  • Integration with GitHub Actions: Repo Lockdown seamlessly integrates with GitHub Actions, enabling developers to incorporate security checks and policy enforcement into their continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) pipelines.
  • Customizable Rules: Administrators can customize lockdown rules based on their specific security requirements and compliance standards. This flexibility allows for tailored security configurations to meet the needs of different projects and organizations.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: The action provides comprehensive reporting and auditing capabilities, allowing administrators to track security events, monitor compliance status, and generate reports for stakeholders and regulatory purposes.

Overall, Repo Lockdown enhances repository security on GitHub by providing access control, automated workflows, branch protection, security policy enforcement, integration with GitHub Actions, customizable rules, and robust reporting capabilities. It helps organizations maintain a secure and compliant development environment while promoting collaboration and productivity.

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