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Custom Jest Assertions for Serverless integration testing.

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What is SLS Test Tools?

Facilitate the creation of top-notch integration tests for Serverless Architectures on AWS with sls-test-tools.

This comprehensive toolkit offers utilities, setup, teardown, and assertive features to simplify testing, ensuring the effectiveness and high quality of your serverless applications.

sls-test-tools emerges as a robust solution, offering a diverse set of utilities, setup, teardown, and assertions to streamline the creation of effective and high-quality integration tests for Serverless Architectures on AWS.

This toolset simplifies the testing process, providing developers with the necessary resources to ensure the reliability and functionality of their serverless applications. Whether in the form of utilities, setup configurations, teardown processes, or assertive functionalities, sls-test-tools contributes to the seamless testing of Serverless Architectures on AWS.

In conclusion, sls-test-tools provides a range of utilities, setup, teardown and assertions to make it easier to write effective and high quality integration tests for Serverless Architectures on AWS.

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