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A open-source menu bar application for creating screen and camera timelapses without excessive file sizes.

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What is TimeLapze?

TimeLapze is a open-source, minimalist, menu bar application for creating color accurate screen and camera timelapses without enormous file sizes.

Key Features:

  • Color Accurate: What you see is what you get. Never screen record faded videos again
  • Minimalist Design: a fully featured web recorder in your menu bar
  • Hardware Accelerated: fully utilized hardware accelerated encoding for a lightweight recording experience
  • Space Saving: Avoid the excessive file sizes of high quality video (can be as high as 7 GB / hour).
  • Camera Recording: Record your webcam or phone with the same frame rate and camera speed
  • Secure: Use the fully features of ScreenCaptureKit to only record certain windows, applications and more. Never leak your bank information in recordings again!
  • Customizability: Change everything from the frame rate, quality and speed multiple.

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