Web Font Analyzer

Get performance and usage implications of custom fonts.

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What is Web Font Analyzer?

Web Font Analyzer is an online tool that uses the WebPageTest API to help you identify font subsetting opportunities, to help with performance bottlenecks associated with loading fonts.

How to use Web Font Analyzer?

  1. First analyze your webpage with WebPageTest. It's Free.
  2. Then copy the URL of results page of WebPageTest and navigate to the Web Font Analyzer.
  3. Paste the URL and Submit.
  4. View the results.

Key Features:

You will get following information about performance of the Web Fonts.

  • How Many Characters are Visible?: After removing all of the metadata from the rendered HTML, how many visible glyphs on the page.
  • When are Fonts Loading?: This table shows a breakdown of where fonts are loaded with respect to FCP, LCP, and Page Load Time. The column width is based on the relationship between these metric ranges.
  • Summary of Fonts Used on Page: How many fonts are awaliable and size of the fonts along with % of the total page weight.
  • Summary of Font Usage: font face declared in the CSS including Font Family, Display, Status, Style and Weight.

Find Web Font Analyzer on GitHub

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