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Apple’s official testing framework for unit tests.

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What is XCTest?

XCUITest is a UI testing framework based on the XCTest framework, with additional classes like UIAccessibility to help with UI testing. Both frameworks are available in Objective C and Swift.

Use the XCTest framework to write unit tests for your Xcode projects that integrate seamlessly with Xcode's testing workflow.

Tests assert that certain conditions are satisfied during code execution, and record test failures (with optional messages) if those conditions aren’t satisfied.

Tests can also measure the performance of blocks of code to check for performance regressions, and can interact with an application's UI to validate user interaction flows.

It does not need any additional software or packages to run testing on the AUT because it is native to iOS devices (application under test).

For iOS applications, XCTest/XCUITest is faster than other automation frameworks. XCTest is lightweight since it does not require additional layers of abstraction APIs.

If you decide to utilize XCTest as your automation framework, you may also use XCode Test Recorder. It is easier to do UI test scenarios with the test recorder since we can record and playback the executed UI tests.

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