14 + iOS tools and resources

Build your own cloud testing infrastructure.

Challenge your apps on iOS with monkey testing 📱🐒


Supports editing text and images in a PDF across all platforms.

mock object testing framework that can be used to create stubs in iOS apps.


Gray box end-to-end testing and automation framework for mobile apps


Keep It Functional - An iOS Functional Testing Framework

Calabash is a BDD framework for iOS and Android

TestProject is the world's first 100% free test automation platform for Web, Android, iOS and API testing, trusted by over 150,000 users in the testing community.


Apple’s official testing framework for unit tests.

🍵 iOS UI Automation Test Framework


Test automation for everyone - test automation platform with support for web (selenium), desktop, database, api and much more. Coding not required ;-)

UI Test Automation for Unity applications


iOS touch synthesis library


Mobile application automation framework