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What is AnyWayData?

AnyWayData is a simple Data Table Editor that generates Markdown, CSV or JSON. This intuitive editor not only generates Markdown, CSV, or JSON formats but also enables smooth interchange between them, featuring grid-based editing for enhanced flexibility.

AnyWayData simplifies data table editing by offering a user-friendly interface that generates Markdown, CSV, or JSON formats. This versatile tool facilitates seamless interchange between data formats while supporting grid-based editing for added flexibility.

Key Features:

  • Grid interface
  • drag and drop rows to re-order
  • drag and drop columns to re-order
  • import csv from file
  • import csv, markdown, and json from editor
  • generate csv, markdown, json and javascript from grid
  • export csv, markdown and json files
  • add and delete columns
  • add and delete rows
  • randomly fill data with Test Data
  • configure export options

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Here is a video by Alan Richardson, author of AnyWayData explaining the tool in action.

In the YouTube video, Alan Richardson, author of AnyWayData presents, an application for editing and generating test data with support for CSV and JSON formats and a Faker API for creating test data.

Alan shows producing a test dataset with columns for first name, last name, email, and address. He uses Faker to randomly generate values for first name and last name columns.

For the address column, Faker provides individual values but not complete addresses. To create a full address, Alan utilizes the fake function, combining building number and street name. Users are able to export the generated test data in formats like JSON and Markdown.

In conclusion, AnyWayData stands out as a straightforward Data Table Editor, effortlessly generating Markdown, CSV, or JSON formats. Its versatility extends to supporting interchange between these formats, and the added feature of grid-based editing enhances flexibility, making it a user-friendly tool for efficient data manipulation.

Alan has also created TestPages for practicing Software Testing, Web Automating, Exploratory Testing, and JavaScript Hacking.

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