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What is DeepfakeHTTP?

DeepfakeHTTP is a web server that uses HTTP dumps as a source for responses.

Things you can do with DeepfakeHTTP:

  • Creating the product PoC or demo before even starting out with the backend
  • REST, GraphQL, and other APIs mocking and testing
  • Hiding critical enterprise infrastructure behind a simple static facade
  • Hacking and fine-tuning HTTP communications on both server and client sides

How it works:

  1. Got client request
  2. Search dump entries (request-response pairs) for appropriate entry by matching all specified request entry parts: method, path, headers, body 3.If entry is found, the server sends corresponded response to the client 4.If entry is not found, server search dump entries for response with status 400 (Bad request). 5.If found, send it to the client 6.If not found, sends status 400 with no body.

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