Best Tools For Data

Looking for the best tools to create, manage or manipulate your data and automate your work? Discover the most powerful Regx websites, utilities, and browser extensions on TestDevTools, and take your testing to the next level

Lightweight SQLite editor for Windows

View JSON in a browser, with syntax highlighting, collapsible arrays and objects, and nice readable formatting.

JSON CrackFree with Paid Option

Seamlessly visualize your JSON, XML, TOML, YAML, CSV instantly into graphs!

Generate regex patterns by inputting an example of the text.


An easy-to-use, AI-powered regular expressions generator.


Generate a matching regular expression from the test cases you provide

Cyrilex is a regular expression tester and visualizer

🎨 Regex visualizer & editor

Visualize your JSON into interactive graphs.

A curated list of useful regular expressions for different programming languages.

An online tool to help you easily generate, test, and refine your regular expressions.

a Ruby regular expression editor


Pythex: a Python regular expression editor is an interactive regular expression console that lets you debug your expressions in real-time.

Regular Expression Visualization Site - Create a Diagrams from your regular expressions


SQLite Playground

Your 100% static dynamic backend.


Pairwise Independent Combinatorial Testing (PICT) generates test cases.

Differencing and merging tool for Windows