What is Flaker?

Flaker is a powerful network simulator, to emulate a wide range of network conditions.

Flaker helps you to effortlessly emulate various network conditions to fine-tune app performance, ensuring an exceptional user experience under any circumstance.

Whether optimizing for slow networks, preparing for flaky connections, or ensuring stability, Flaker offers an intuitive tool to elevate testing strategies and boost overall app performance.

With Flaker, you can effortlessly emulate a wide range of network conditions, enabling you to fine-tune your app's performance and ensure it delivers an exceptional user experience under any circumstance.

Elevate testing strategies and boost app performance with Flaker and transforms web and mobile app development by making the process smoother and more efficient.

Key Features:

  • Experience Slow Networks : Ever wondered how your app would perform on a slow and sluggish network? With Flaker, you can replicate these scenarios with ease. Test your app's responsiveness and optimize its behavior under adverse network conditions.
  • Emulate Flaky Networks : Network connections in the real world are rarely stable. Flaker allows you to introduce fail percentage and variance controls, mirroring the unpredictable nature of network connections. Gain a firsthand understanding of the challenges your mobile app might face and ensure it remains resilient.
  • Focused Impact : Flaker is designed to impact only your app's network conditions, leaving your device's overall network functionality undisturbed. This means you can test and fine-tune your app's performance without affecting your entire device's connectivity.

How does Flaker help mobile app development and testing?

Flaker is a game-changer for mobile app development, providing a robust network simulator. It allows seamless emulation of diverse network conditions, enabling developers and testers to optimize app performance.

From slow networks to flaky connections, Flaker enhances testing strategies, ensuring app stability, reliability, and an exceptional user experience.

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