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What is JSON Visio?

JSON Visio now known as Json Crack, is a simple visualization tool and formatter for your JSON data with no forced structure. Paste your JSON and view it visually using various flow-chart formats.

These diagrams are much easier to navigate than the textual format and to make it even more convenient, the tool also allows you to search the nodes.

Additionally, the generated diagrams from JSON can also be downloaded or clipboard as image.

Here is how to use this tool in 3 easy steps:

  1. Once you land on the home page, click “GO TO EDITOR”
  2. To visualize it, clear the left side pane and paste your JSON. (You can paste your data or use Import option from menu bar to upload files.)
  3. And you are done! You will see nice flowchart of your data.

With addition to JSON, you can also visulize your YAML, XML, TOML and CSV files too.

And even that's not all, you can also Rotate your layout, Expand or Unfold the nodes as per your requirement.

P.S. Did i mentioned you can play around JWT tokens too. Yup, From menu bar you can use 'Decode JWT' to Decode JSON Web Token or play around JSON Schema.


JSON Visio has rebranded into Json Crack

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