What is KIF?

KIF is a user interface testing tool that is closely connected to XCUITest.

Again, its intimate link with Xcode offers particular advantages: it integrates directly into the Xcode project, saving you the hardship of setting up a separate web server or emptying your memory with additional packages.

It’s quite easy to get started. If you already have XCTests set up in your project, all you have to do now is add the KIF pod. Furthermore, the tests are faster than the XC tools.

Another major benefit is realism. The test conditions are extremely user-like, which means they mimic how a user would use the app in real life. Furthermore, KIF can replicate a wide range of user interactions.

Details Source: https://www.testgrid.io/blog/ios-automation-testing-everything-you-need-to-know%EF%BF%BC/

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