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A REST API testing tool to automate e2e, integration, contract, and component (or service-level) tests.

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What is PactumJS?

PactumJS is a next generation free and open source REST API automation testing tool for all levels in a Test Pyramid. It makes backend testing a productive and enjoyable experience.

This library provides all the necessary ingredients for the most common things to write better API automation tests in an easy, fast & fun way.

It's used for automate End to End Tests, Integration, Contract, and Component (or service-level) tests.

PactumJS users are typically Developers, QA Engineers and SDETs as it enables them to write all types of tests against backend servers (REST APIs). No matter the programming language used for building the API servers, we can still use this library to write and run the tests against them.

Key Features:

  • Reliable, fast and easy testing for diverse REST APIs.
  • Robust, lightweight and packed with a rich set of features, wrapped in a nimble npm package.
  • Clear and versatile way to write readable, maintainable tests with ease for components, contracts, and integrations.
  • This tool will be a perfect fit for all kinds of API testing needs for micro-services such as,
    • API Testing
    • Component Testing
    • Contract Testing
    • Integration Testing
    • E2E Testing
    • Mock Server

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