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A user-friendly network monitoring tool, built with Rust, to help you easily keep track of your Internet traffic.

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What is Sniffnet?

Sniffnet is a network monitoring tool to help you easily keep track of your Internet traffic.

Whether you want to gather statistics, or you need to inspect more in depth what's going on in your network, this app will get you covered.

What makes Sniffnet unique? Sniffnet is a technical tool, but at the same time it strongly focuses on the overall user experience: most of the network analyzers out there are cumbersome to use, while one of Sniffnet's cornerstones is to be usable with ease by everyone.

Furthermore, Sniffnet is completely free and open source, dual-licensed under MIT or Apache-2.0: if you are interested you can find the full source code on GitHub.

Last but not least, this application is totally developed in Rust: a modern programming language to build efficient and reliable software, emphasizing performance and safety.

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