21 + Linux tools and resources


An offline documentation browser for software developers and testers.

A user-friendly network monitoring tool, built with Rust, to help you easily keep track of your Internet traffic.

A collection of handy Bash One-Liners and terminal tricks for data processing and Linux system maintenance.

🐨 Simple and complete CLI testing utilities that encourage good testing practices.


Test for accessibility for people who have limited or no use of their hands


Commandline tool for running SQL queries against JSON, CSV, Excel, Parquet, and more.

List of Static Code Analyzers

DenyHosts is a script intended to be run by Linux system administrators to help thwart SSH server attacks (also known as dictionary based attacks and brute force attacks).

It scans log files (e.g. /var/log/apache/error_log) and bans IPs that show the malicious signs -- too many password failures, seeking for exploits, etc


A server-less virtual Linux environment running fully client-side in HTML5 and WebAssembly.


Geany is a powerful, stable and lightweight programmer's text editor that provides tons of useful features without bogging down your workflow.

Open Source File synchronization

DraculaFree and Premium Version

A dark and colorful theme to rule them all

Simple and Elegant Markdown Editor


It's a cross-platform Node.js desktop automation framework.


A Unix/Linux CLI tool that open files related to your Git workflow on VS Code.

Write better integration tests! Dockertest helps you boot up ephermal docker images for your Go tests with minimal work.


A Linux system resource monitor with support for Mac in development.


HTTPie for Mac, Windows, and Linux

Automation of GUI components with mouse and keyboard actions.

Free drawing software for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux