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A package with expressive and intuitive APIs that make testing your Swift code a breeze.

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What is Swift Testing?

The Swift Testing project by Apple is a valuable resource for developers and testers working with the Swift programming language.

It provides robust testing tools and frameworks that streamline the process of writing and running tests. One of its key features is its comprehensive support for various testing methodologies, including unit testing, integration testing, and performance testing. This versatility makes it an essential tool for ensuring the reliability and efficiency of Swift applications.

Additionally, the Swift Testing framework is well-documented and actively maintained, offering a seamless experience for developers looking to enhance their testing capabilities and maintain high code quality.

Key Features:

  • Clear, expressive API - Swift Testing has a clear and expressive API built using macros, so you can declare complex behaviors with a small amount of code. The #expect API uses Swift expressions and operators, and captures the evaluated values so you can quickly understand what went wrong when a test fails.
  • Custom test behaviors - You can customize the behavior of tests or test suites using traits specified in your code. Traits can describe the runtime conditions for a test, like which device a test should run on, or limit a test to certain operating system versions. Traits can also help you use continuous integration effectively by specifying execution time limits for your tests.
  • Easy and flexible organization - Swift Testing provides many ways to keep your tests organized. Structure related tests using a hierarchy of groups and subgroups. Apply tags to flexibly manage, edit, and run tests with common characteristics across your test suite, like tests that target a specific device or use a specific module. You can also give tests a descriptive name so you know what they’re doing at a glance.
  • Scalable coverage and execution - Parameterized tests help you run the same test over a sequence of values so you can write less code. And all tests integrate seamlessly with Swift Concurrency and run in parallel by default.
  • Cross-platform support - Swift Testing works on all major platforms supported by Swift, including Apple platforms, Linux, and Windows, so your tests can behave more consistently when moving between platforms. It’s developed as open source and discussed on the Swift Forums so the very best ideas, from anywhere, can help shape the future of testing in Swift.
  • Works with XCTest - If you already have tests written using XCTest, you can run them side-by-side with newer tests written using Swift Testing. This helps you migrate tests incrementally, at your own pace.

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