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Use LLMs to automatically generate unit tests for npm packages written in JavaScript/TypeScript.

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What is TestPilot?

TestPilot takes the pain out of writing unit tests. It uses GitHub Copilot's AI technology to suggest tests based on your existing code and documentation.

Unlike many other tools, TestPilot generates readable tests with meaningful assertions, and it can iteratively improve its suggestions based on your feedback.

What can TestPilot do?

Leveraging the cutting-edge machine-learning models powering GitHub Copilot, TestPilot creates readable unit tests with meaningful assertions for your JavaScript/TypeScript code.

When you point it at a function in a code repo, TestPilot will scan the repo for relevant doc comments and code examples, and then generate a unit test for the function based on the information it finds.

You can run the test straight away, and if it doesn't pass you can feed back any errors you are seeing to TestPilot and interactively refine the generated test until it's just right.

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