What is wacat?

wacat is a utility powered by Playwright to run chaotic tests on your web app, inspired by the manner a cat may chaotically walk across a keyboard, pressing every key.

Imagine, you leave your computer for a while and go to pick up a cup of coffee. Meanwhile, your cat walks over your keyboard and causes some chaos.

wacat (walking cat) application,

  • goes to your web application root url
  • visits every link in your application in random order
  • adds random text inputs into forms
  • selects random values from dropdown menus, checkboxes etc.
  • clicks on every button in random order

Additionally, wacat

  • detects HTTP errors (for example HTTP 500 errors) between browser and server
  • detects errors in the browser console log
  • detects error strings from the web pages
  • you give the error strings in a parameter file
  • supports random form text inputs configuration by a user
  • can read form inputs from external files (for example from resources like )
  • can test only links, this could for example be used in the smoke testing of your application
  • supports some authentication scenarios
  • you give authentication configuration in a JSON file
  • supports configuring pages, which are not visited
  • supports a headless mode
  • supports configuring a page download wait time and a whole test timeout value
  • supports running in the CI pipeline

wacat uses the Playwright tool internally. wacat is tested to work with Windows, Linux and Mac.

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