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Categories: API Testing
Privacy-focused and 100% local API testing tool.
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Insomnium is a 100% local and privacy-focused open-source API client for testing GraphQL, REST, WebSockets, Server-sent events and gRPC in development/production. About Insomnium: Insomnium is a fork of Kong/insomnia at 2023.5.8, the last commit before compulsory account login was introduced. In a sense, Insomnium is a community response to the latest product update that forces account creation w/o warning. Read more about it here: Insomnium is available for Mac, Windows, Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, Fedora and can be downloaded here. Insomnium is also available on AUR for ArchLinux. Alternatively, you can build Insomnium from source on your local machine using npm run app-package. ✅ works 100% offline, the way a local testing tool should behave ✅ no cloud services, no tracking/communication to external servers behind the scene 🦙 (coming up) optional integration to local LLMs like CodeLlama for front-end code generation in React, Vue, htmx, etc, based on the API response JSON.

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