What is snapstub?

Optimize your API testing workflow with SnapStub—a nimble command line tool.

Capture 'snapshots' of API endpoints, store responses, and effortlessly run a local server for efficient testing. Simplify your API testing experience with SnapStub.

SnapStub simplifies API testing with a convenient command line tool, allowing users to capture 'snapshots' of specific API endpoints and store their responses.

How does snapstub work?

The tool's 'start' command facilitates the creation of a local server that serves the pre-captured endpoints. SnapStub offers a streamlined approach to API testing, enabling users to copy endpoints to their file system and run a local server for efficient testing.

In conclusion, snapstub is a small command line tool that allows you to take 'snapshots' of any given API endpoint and store the response. Using the start command will spawn a server that will serve all previously stored endpoints.

You can copy API endpoints to your fs and run a local server using them.

How does SnapStub enhance API testing and streamline the local testing process?

SnapStub is a user-friendly command line tool designed to simplify API testing. Users can capture 'snapshots' of specific API endpoints, store responses, and create a local server with the 'start' command. This streamlined approach allows for efficient testing, making it easy to copy endpoints to the file system and run a local server for comprehensive API testing.

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