The best tools and resources on the internet for Software Testing

Over 350+ awesome tools and resources on the internet to supercharge your testing.


Salesforce Automated Accessibility Testing Libraries

A utility to help you write tests against structured configuration data

Scanning tool that audits SEO, performance and other web best practices

PostmanFree version

API Testing Tool


Range of free and open source tools to help designers and developers make their web pages more accessible.

Checks contrast for WCAG compliance


Open source screen reader


Web Accessibility evaluation tool


The Test Step Recorder


command line tool and library for transferring data with URLs

It’s a free and open source interactive HTTPS proxy

Over the wire test doubles


Mobile application automation framework


Java based testing framework

Applitools EyesFree version

Visual comparisons between different snapshots of a website or mobile app.

Your basic anonymous temporary email address.

Place kittens as placeholders

Built in Lorem Ipsum for MacOs

Exploratory testing assistant for Chrome and Firefox

Differencing and merging tool for Windows

A customizable Chrome and Firefox extension that fills dummy text in all input fields in a page.


Pairwise Independent Combinatorial Testing (PICT) generates test cases.


Python based testing framework

SoapUIFree version


An all-in-one test automation solution

Edit and debug on any OS

PyCharmFree - Community Edition

Advanced code management platform for Python

Intellij IDEAFree - Community Edition

For web and enterprise development

The easiest way to identify fonts on web pages.

xScope$50 USD for 1 license

Measure, Inspect and Test

Test multiple browsers and devices at once

Email on Acid$73 USD per month

Empower Your Team to Deliver Email Perfection. is a no-click disposable email system